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I have combined my passion for technology and entrepreneurship – with my passion for helping people – in a modern delivery of Hypnosis. During lockdown with COVID19, I had the opportunity to reflect and focus on something NEW that I am passionate about; and ultimately driving me to my purpose to help people. I have since helped people lose weight by breaking bad eating habits, quit smoking and other addictions, visit loved ones who have passed, cope with stress, depression and anxiety; and have helped others find their TRUE purpose and obtain their GOALS and DESIRES after clearing all their emotional blockages.

My work continues, regardless of lockdown measures; most of my sessions have been performed virtually and it has proven to be just as effective as in-person. I have clients across the globe, something that just a year ago may not have even crossed our minds.

I have also been blessed with a very rewarding corporate career for the past 20 years, however hypnosis has been the MOST rewarding work that the universe has presented to me – BY FAR.

Transform Your Entire Life Through Hypnosis – Yes, It’s That Powerful.


Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been proven to aid in long lasting results for weight loss. This works powerfully by breaking the bad habits such as emotional, boredom & mindless eating and sugar & carb addiction. It will also provide motivation to exercise by embedding healthy steps to your new fitness routine, which is deeply rooted for everlasting results. Since hypnosis works with the subconscious mind, your new journey to weight loss will feel effortless. If you have been a yo-yo dieter for a long time, this may be the perfect solution for you.

Finding Love Hypnosis

This powerful hypnotic program will prepare your subconscious mind to accept and enjoy the loving and lasting relationship that is going to somehow come into your life. By opening your mind to the infinite opportunities that the Universe offers to you, and by being in the right frame of mind to allow yourself to welcome those opportunities into your life, you will find that love can come easily and effortlessly to you. Not one of us know for certain what life has to offer; the only thing that matters is that we embrace each and every experience, and always remembering that when one door closes another one invariably opens.

Quit Addictions Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been proven to aid in ever lasting results for addictions. This works powerfully by first doing a vigorous assessment of all the triggers, and ensuring to help in those areas first. Then, once all the triggers have been taken care of, we move on to the addictions, one by one. Whether it be to quit smoking, vaping, drugs, and/or any other substances; this customized program will transform your life and help you to achieve all your dreams and desires, in which you likely thought would never be possible.


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